Learning Ceph

Learning Ceph | Packt Publishing



A practical guide to designing, implementing, and managing your software-defined, massively scalable Ceph storage system

Ceph is an open source, software-defined storage solution, which runs on commodity hardware to provide exabyte-level scalability. It is well known to be a highly reliable storage system that has no single point of failure. This book will give you all the skills you need to plan, deploy, and effectively manage your Ceph cluster, guiding you through an overview of Ceph's technology, architecture, and components. With a step-by-step, tutorial-style explanation of the deployment of each Ceph component, the book will take you through Ceph storage provisioning and integration with OpenStack. You will then discover how to deploy and set up your Ceph cluster, discovering the various components and why we need them. This book takes you from a basic level of knowledge in Ceph to an expert understanding of its most advanced features.

Herausgeber Packt Publishing
Autor(en) Karan Singh
ISBN 978-1-78398-562-3
veröffentlicht 2015
Seiten 268
Sprache English

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