Learning Apache Mahout Classification

Learning Apache Mahout Classification | Packt Publishing



Build and personalize your own classifiers using Apache Mahout

This book is a practical guide that explains the classification algorithms provided in Apache Mahout with the help of actual examples. Starting with the introduction of classification and model evaluation techniques, we will explore Apache Mahout and learn why it is a good choice for classification. Next, you will learn about different classification algorithms and models such as the Naïve Bayes algorithm, the Hidden Markov Model, and so on. Finally, along with the examples that assist you in the creation of models, this book helps you to build a mail classification system that can be produced as soon as it is developed. After reading this book, you will be able to understand the concept of classification and the various algorithms along with the art of building your own classifiers.

Herausgeber Packt Publishing
Autor(en) Ashish Gupta
ISBN 978-1-78355-495-9
veröffentlicht 2015
Seiten 130
Sprache English

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