Apache Solr Essentials

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Leverage the power of Apache Solr to create efficient search applications

Search is everywhere. Users always expect a search facility in mobile or web applications that allows them to find things in a fast and friendly manner. Apache Solr Essentials is a fast-paced guide to help you quickly learn the process of creating a scalable, efficient, and powerful search application. The book starts off by explaining the fundamentals of Solr and then goes on to cover various topics such as data indexing, ways of extending Solr, client APIs and their indexing and data searching capabilities, an introduction to the administration, monitoring, and tuning of a Solr instance, as well as the concepts of sharding and replication. Next, you'll learn about various Solr extensions and how to contribute to the Solr community. By the end of this book, you will be able to create excellent search applications with the help of Solr.

Herausgeber Packt Publishing
Autor(en) Andrea Gazzarini
ISBN 978-1-78439-964-1
veröffentlicht 2015
Seiten 214
Sprache English

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