Microsoft Hyper-V PowerShell Automation

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Manage, automate, and streamline your Hyper-V environment effectively with advanced PowerShell cmdlets

Windows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. Hyper-V is Microsoft's hypervisor that creates and runs virtual machines. Hyper-V for Windows PowerShell provides IT pros with an easy way to enable automation of management tasks within Windows Server. The Hyper-V PowerShell module includes several significant features that extend its use, improve its usability, and allow you to control and manage your Hyper-V environment with more granular control. This book explores the new features made available with Hyper-V version 3, and breaks down the mystery and confusion that surrounds which feature to use and when. It also teaches you the PowerShell way to automate the usage of these features. It will take you through a number of practical examples that will help you take advantage of the Hyper-V version 3 cmdlets efficiently. You will also learn how to use Hyper-V version 3 PowerShell cmdlets to install and configure Hyper-V in a Windows Server environment and also learn about the various administration tasks in detail. You will learn everything you need to get started with administering your Hyper-V environment using PowerShell.

Herausgeber Packt Publishing
Autor(en) Vinith Menon
ISBN 978-1-78439-153-9
veröffentlicht 2015
Seiten 124
Sprache English

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